We see…



The mission of Mobile Homecoming is to amplify generations of Black LGBTQ brilliance. When we launched our first big project we created the world anew by traveling in a retro RV, and by every other means necessary, to find queer black elders and create an intergenerational community of love and support across the U.S.



We imagine a world where elders and ancestors are honored for their brilliance, bravery and survival; where every community member has what they need to thrive and do their passionate work within community. The connections that are built through the work of the Mobile Homecoming project and the partners that we collaborate with directly grow access to sustainable living, healthy food, healers, technology, legacy, spirituality, and ritual by growing our access to and knowledge of one another across time, age and space. The skills that exist in our community are grown and shared so that we can provide one another with the tangible and intangible necessities of life - like love and water, for example.


We Believe…

We believe that the stories of how trans and cis-gender women, trans men and genderqueer black people grew their own bravery and created community are priceless resources for our communities and the communities of the future. We want to know how these warriors nurtured their deviant selves, we want to know how they raised their children, we want to know how they supported each other, we want to know how they created a culture of love and inclusion despite facing multiple oppressions and social stigmas.

We believe that these stories should live forever in our open mouths and our hands reaching for each other. We believe that these herstories are the seeds of a necessary transformation in our culture where deviance becomes acknowledged as creativity and every member of our communities is lifted up and supported for fulfilling their vision. We see the need to reinvoke submerged traditions of gazing at each other in wonder and taking care of each other diligently.


We understand that the modes of survival in our black queer communities which include:

  • social support organizing,

  • artistic creativity,

  • spiritual transformation and

  • revolutionary interpersonal relationships

are our key resources as we transform the meaning of life.


Our people deserve to be honored for who they are and who they have been. We are dedicated to amplifying the herstories we learn about by creating an experiential archive in which an intergenerational community can relive the brilliance of these visionary warriors, a hands on method for teaching history, a truly live model of community education. We will also be documenting this shared journey using video technology, new media, blogs, and scholarly articles and collecting artifacts to supplement existing archives that honor the sacred herstories of our elders.

Quiet as its kept, none of us became the queer radical gender transgressing community building norm-busting world transformers we are by ourselves. We know that the grit, striving, brazen-ness, and foresight of our elders already lives in us.

We will use this process of study, interview, and collaborative creativity to make it plain.