Welcome to Mobile Homecoming


amplifying generations of queer black brilliance


Mobile Homecoming exists as an intergenerational experiential archive project to amplify generations of Black LGBTQ brilliance.  When we launched our first big project we created the world anew by traveling in a retro RV to find queer/lgbt black elders and create an intergenerational community of love and support across the U.S. We use replay events, retreats, honoring ceremonies, documentation, archiving, music & dance, all the arts and every means to do and share this passionate work.

At the end of the first decade of the Mobile Homecoming adventure we have arrived at the place that inspired us to begin with.  TRUST.  So, we createed Mobile Homecoming Trust Living Library and Archive to sustain the lives of Mobile Homecoming and Black Feminist elders their care takers and legacy bearers. The Mobile Homecoming Trust Living Library and Archive is our answer to the longing and need for physical gathering space, residential stability and accountable care that we found again and again in our community building work with the stewards and stakeholders of Black feminist LGBTQ brilliance.


Right now we are in the process of securing land and funding gathering space for retreats, events, and assisted living for Mobile Homecoming elders and their/our legacy bearers, and to house our one-of-a-kind collection of books, memorabilia and artifacts of Black Feminism and Black LGBTQ social organizing.

As always, we believe in and practice the concept of the experiential archive. That means that opportunities for intergenerational connection within our community are the most important resource.  Our love is renewable, but our lives are irreplaceable, and so our work to create living room for ourselves and each other is urgent and rewarding.


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