We intend…

This is a spiritual journey full of lust and discovery.  This is immersion in legacy. This is a celebration of how boldness survives the moment of its need.  This is an intimate embrace with a living herstory that traces pathways between our lungs, called laughter, called stillness, called sigh.

This is a dance, a prayer, a baptism in hope. 

This is how we know who we are. 

This is how we live forever.

Our Goals


1. Identify elders who have been living, loving and resisting heteronormativity since the 80s and before. Amplify their brilliance.

2. Host intergenerational events in the communities where elders we learn about live.

3. Facilitate self-determined safe space for LGBTQ folks of color and sometimes including allies to a) grow relationships and b) identify their own internal resources.

4. Steward Physical Space to sustain the legacies and lives of Black feminist geniuses including Mobile Homecoming elders; to sustain the material and living Mobile Homecoming and Black Feminist Library and Archive - the digital archive, physical books, ephemera, librarians, archivist, the elders onsite themselves, their hosts and caregivers - now and into perpetuity including the physical space of the library and the accompanying retreat and/or residency living space.

5. Determine the skills in our national community so that they can be supported, grown and shared locally and regionally (nationally where appropriate).

6. Educate ourselves on sustainable living including environmentally sustainable building and travel, safe community accountable practices and everything in between.

7. Grow financial and other resources to support intergenerational collaborations - artistic and entrepreneurial (motivated by sustainability not profit).

8. Create spaces to honor and grow the visibility of elders whose work has benefited the Black Queer community, the Black community and society as a whole.

9. Share all successful models with allies.