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We have been documenting the work of Mobile Homecoming for over 10 years. Take a look.


Spiritual Upgrade - Sojourner Resurrect: Dr. Jeffrey McCune delivers Eulogy


Real Reading Rainbow: Kwanzaa Edition 2011


Detroit Living Room Conversation #1 Much Love to Detroit


Everyday Brilliance: Resilience Practices from Black Lesbian Elders




Made it to Cali Pt I


Ms. Vera Martin


Real Reading Rainbow #5: Shay & Annette


Treva & June on Mothering


Yolanda on Mothering


The Real Reading Rainbow: Queer Black Intergenerational BookLUST (#4: L’Erin, Sassafrass, Cypress, and Indigo)


The Real Reading Rainbow: Queer Black Intergenerational BookLUST(#1: Lex loves Audre)


Ruth Ellis Center & the Importance of Intergenerational Dialogue


28: An Intergenerational Lovefest


RV Adoption!


Mamas for the MobileHomeComing!!! Episode 1


Salsa Soul Sisters: The Rhythm of Survival


MobileHomeComing: Here We Go!


Archeology of Freedom


In Your Hands


Young Black Gift: A Toast to Lorraine Hansberry


Every Day


Made it to Cali Pt II


Real Reading Rainbow #6: Barbara Smith


Relationships & Purpose


Monica on Parenting


Max on Mothering


The Real Reading Rainbow: Queer Black Intergenerational BookLUST(#3: Moya and the Prophet Octavia)


“and then it comes back”: the queer survival of the A. L.O.R.D.E. collective


Love Your City: Kalimah and Detroit


Juneteenth Freedom Academy


Graduation Jubilation


Sitting Down Sermonette: Sunday School in Honor of Joseph Beam & Audre Lorde


Revolutionary Vehicle: The Field Trip




sojourners for truth and justice


Possess Jewelle Gomez


Ms. Vera Says Rise Up


Made it to Cali Pt III


Tell Me Something Good


Blessing from Mama Feb 11, 2011


Shani on Mothering


Queer Kwanzaa: MHP PSA


The Real Reading Rainbow: Queer Black Intergenerational BookLUST(#2: Frances Runs with Wolves)


dialysis: lucille clifton rebirth broadcast #15


Ruth Ellis Center & MobileHomeComing LOVE Intergenerational Community!


Happy 86th birthday James Baldwin


MHC Tour Leg 1: Got the Feeling


Stop Tokenism: A School of Our Lorde Public Service Announcement


Renew & Release: A Healing Circle


For Each Other: the Salsa Soul Sisters


So You Know