How often will you offer this programming?

We are piloting the program now and intend to offer it, including the retreat, at least once a season. However, we only have 2 runs of the full programming scheduled at this point. Please check back for updates OR join the love on deck to be a part of what we are creating on an ongoing basis.

Where will the retreats be offered?

The retreats will take place in Durham at a retreat center or a combination of 2-3 homes in one community. There will be joint, partner, loveship and individual activities that take place throughout the spaces.

I have a specific diet. Can you accommodate my needs?

Yes! Specificity is the hallmark of our approach. We would love to know what supports your wellness and joy when comes to your dietary needs. Our team of caterers and chefs are particularly chosen based on there ability to make excellent food of course but also their ability to communicate about the ingredients in the food and their ability to cook food with ingredients least likely to cause harm (e.g. vegan, gluten free, soy free, nut free, nightshade free and to honor spiritual taboos).

How did you arrive at the cost?

We calculated all the costs to create the program and events and spread it out over how many people we felt like we could accommodate.

Will the costs ever go down or will scholarships be offered?

As discussed in the "OFFERING" section we don't want to put the added job of fundraising for this space on Alexis and Sangodare at this time. As their capacity to host more people increases the costs will be shared and spread out over more people and therefore go down.

We anticipate that some supporters will step forward to support other couples to be able to participate in this space. We have already made this request. When this happens scholarships will be offered.

Is the lovebird program a matchmaking service?


Will interracial or white couples ever be able to attend?

Yes. Someday. We are prioritizing black people and people of color at this time but as our capacity increases we do intend to invite actively anti-racist couples to participate while we still intend to offer caucus spaces for those who prefer that as well.

Can 3 people in a polyamorous loveship participate in the programming at once?

Not at this time. 2 people can. Any committed partners can go through and be a part of the cohort whether they are in a polyamorous, open, monogamous or another form of committed partnership. That means that a polyamorous person can participate in this program with any one of their partners at a time.

I am polyamorous and would love to do this programming with both of my committed partners. Is there a way I can do that?

Yes. You can attend a cohort with one committed partner and then attend a different cohort with your other committed partner. We are offering tools that will benefit any loveship. However, the programming and curriculum is designed for two people at a time. If you are polyamourous and participate we honor your loveship.

I am in a non-romantic or non-sexual partnership. Can we participate in this programming?


My partner and I have an issue. Can this programming help us resolve it?

Though it is not designed to do so, most likely yes. This program offers tools and a space to grow in your loveship. We find that this alone solves many problems in a relationship and improves things that partners maybe didn’t even know could be improved or needed to be improved. HOWEVER! we do not directly work on your issues. You work on your issues in a safe space we create and using the tools share. This is not counseling or therapy but it is a powerful resource for loveships where partners have the potential to have a healing impact on each other’s lives and the world.