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This application helps us to get to know you a little bit better and coordinate our facilitation with your Loveship specifically in mind.



1- Read Loveship Page

2- Registration Application

3- Payment Arrangements

4- Receive confirmation email.




Registration Application

Name 1 *
Name 1
Enter name and contact info for one of you in the Loveship.
Phone 1 *
Phone 1
Snail Mail Address 1 *
Snail Mail Address 1
Name 2 *
Name 2
Let us know how you identify. If what we have doesn't fit please choose "other" share your response in the area below.
WE agree to attend and fully participate in all of the following: 1. The Opening Webinar (Sept 22nd 4-7pm Eastern Time) 2. A one hour session with Alexis and Sangodare sometime on Monday, Sept 23rd (to be scheduled with each Loveship) 3. (4) Sessions with another Loveship between Tuesday, Sept 24 and October 25 (to be scheduled with your peer support Loveship at a time that works for all four participants) 4. The Closing Ceremony (October 27th 4-7pm eastern)
If the first cohort is full, please add us to the Jan 10-Feb 9th cohort. *

Once you click “APPLY” you’ll go to a payment arrangements page.

Note: You are not registered until you receive a confirmation email from us. If the cohort is full you will be refunded.