MBHC Donation Collage: Every Little Bit Helps

We have so much gratitude for our community who have supported us in amplifying generations of brilliance across the country. We are committed to doing this work no matter what. But it helps us do it much better when we have your support.


Now YOU can be one of our monthly sustainers providing Mobile Homecoming Pocket Money so that our project can be consistently sustainable and accountable to you!

Monthly sustainers will allow us to prioritize the intellectual labor of creating media and events to amplify Queer Black Community across generations across this land mass! It will also help with regular costs like sustainable fuel, art supplies, stamps, huge sheets of paper, bandwidth, DV tapes, clothespins etc.
As a monthly sustainer you will also be Mobile Homecoming VIP for life which means you will get preview video footage and audio samples from our journey sent directly to your inbox, special goodies as we pilot Mobile Homecoming fashion line (oh yes….hats, t-shirts, buttons and sneakers inspired by Queer Black resilience!) AND special access to celebrations and screenings when the film comes out!!!!!

Current Monthly Sustainer Superstars

Darnell Moore
Martina Downey
Tawanna Sullivan

Previous Monthly Sustainer Superstars

Matt Richardson
Elena Feinstien
Stacey Milbern
Deniece Ferguson
Martina Downey
Jordan Flaherty
Tawanna Sullivan
Anne Wallace
Courtney Marshall
Fran Davis

Click below on the amount that feels generously doable to you to sign up for an automatic monthly donation (you do not have to sign up for a paypal account):


In-Kind Donations (note: MBHC colors are purple & turquoise)

In-Kind Donations (note: MBHC colors are purple & turquoise)

Summer Mason sponsored our AAA Membership!

Harriet Alston and Carolyn Gray gave us our onboard toaster oven and cookware!

Rachael Derello Luebke !

Yashna Maya Padamsee sponsored our GPS system!

Tessa Eliza Thraves got us a very necessary tarp for the RV!

Moya Bailey got us tire stops and super necessary computer connector cords so we can show you all our clips when we’re on the road…and not slide down hills when we park!

Pauline McKenzie Day got us a case and batteries for our minicamera

Ariana Gumbs and Andrew Good got us the duplexing printer of our dreams!


Please contact us at mobilehomecomiong@gmail.com for an updated wishlist. …………………….


RV items: ’88 Winnebago LeSharo

1. Energizer Rechargeable Batteries
(AA, AAA, D)
2. RV 101 books – Bookstore Gift Card
3. WD-40

Thanks Yashna
Auxiliary Battery

Tire Pressure Gauge Thanks Rachael!!
Gloves – Disposable (rubber) and reusable (leatherish)
Surge Protector (500 watt or more) Thanks Racheal!

Heavy Duty Extension cord
Rubber Wheel & Tire Chock – link
Carbon Monoxide Monitor – link

Audio/Video/Technical related items

1. Transcend 15-in-1MultiCard Reader (TS-RDP8K) link
2. Transcend Class 10, 16GB SD Card link
3. Sunpak ClampPod Pro Clamping Tripod – link
4. mini DV Tape (Sony)
5. 16″ China Ball/Round Paper Lantern
6. Paper Lantern cord
7. USB Flash Drives  4GB or larger (aka Thumbdrives)

8. Windows for Mac

Panavise 809 Camera Window Suction Cup Mountlink
Sony EX-1

Miscellaneous items
1. Bungee (or Bunji) Cords

Tarplink Thanks Tessa!

One Time Donation: For a one time motivation donation click below!

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We are INFINITELY grateful to our donors, supporters and sponsors:


Yvonne Welbon

Nell Geiser

Tema Okun

Elizabeth Rose Anderson

Rubina F. Malik

Kim-Monique Johnson

Niambi Hall-Campbell

Anne Wallace

Thomas Justin Robinson and Thaddaeus Allen Edwards

Harriet Alston and Carolyn Grey

Adele Nieves

Alba Onofrio

Gabriel Onofrio

Alisa Bierra

Madama Ambi

Jean Brown

Elle Gray

Queers for Economic Justice

Southerners on New Ground

Jenn Doscher and A.J. Steffen

Raekeidra Wright

Jean Brown

Madama Ambi

Alisa Bierra

Courtney Marshall

Luz Guerra

Karla Mejia

Michelle Detorie

Jordan Flaherty

Claudia Preetz

Evangeline Heiliger

Linda Thurston

Spirit House

Faye Thompson

Jillian Ford

Lisa Diane White

Katie Kuhl

Deepali Gohakle

Carlton and Kari Mackey

Nikki Young

Christy Tronnier

Denise Vandercruze

Lynne Walter

Racheal Derello

Monica Ealey

Efia Miles

Cynthia Brown

Oni Templeton

Debra Jeter

Beandrea Terese

Reed College, Sexual Assault Task Force

University of Richmond, WILL Program

Martina Downey

Matt Richardson

Deema Kaedbey

Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha

Tawanna Sullivan

Clyde Gumbs


Alex Greenberg

Stacey Milbern

Deniece Ferguson

Justine, Steve, Sylvan and Finney

Elena Feinstien

Aishah Shahidah Simmons

Galadriel Mozee

Sam Hummel

Anjali Taneja

Chelsea and Jibs Earles

Linda Bryant

Nicole Miller

Kim Ford

Joshua Guild

Lamont William

The 5th annual Gemini Jam

Courtney Marshall

L. Lamar Wilson

Kitchen Table Giving Circle

Griot Circle

Circle of Voices

African Ancestral Lesbians for Social Change

Maura Bairley

Anie Lewis

James Day