We Are In the Living Room

It is time to make our way home. (June Jordan)

Last night I had prayer meetin in the living room with a beloved queer masculine of center friend while Alexis facilitated a webinar in the next room. We are here y’all and the labor of love has already begun.

We...Read More »

Retreat Center Strategy

“It is time to find our way home.”  – June Jordan, Living Room

When I think about retreat, I imagine myself in a steaming hot soaking tub in a candlelit tiled purple, turquoise and white bathroom. There is a Black Feminist soul music and meditation music...Read More »

Living Room

“It is time to find our way home.”  – June Jordan, Living Room

We are building a retreat center
one living room and one tiny house at a time.

.We are building.  In the legacy of Black Lesbian Salons, Black Feminist retreats, maroon...Read More »

Rest and Realness: A Place for Queer Black Beings to Just Be


Rest and Realness: A Place for Queer Black Beings to Just Be

Another August, another transformative intergenerational retreat.  Thank you to all the participants and to the Anderson family for making our retreat a success!!!

To see details about Rest and Realness visit the registration page here: http://www.mobilehomecoming.org/upcoming-events/retreats/rest-and-realness-2013/

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When We Free: a mobile homecoming story?

Your beliefs matter! They may matter more than anything else.

Again and again when spending time with Mobile Homecoming elders and interviewees we learned that their beliefs, faith and practices are what allowed them to thrive against all odds. Some of them overcame unbelievable obstacles to achieve the popular understanding of...Read More »

Kwanzaa 2013

It’s Kwanzaa 2013 and we are doing a low key reflective Kwanzaa and sharing our play and insights with you.

19 Kwanzaa-Umoja-Uhuru (Swahili) [First Fruits of the Harvest-Unity-Freedom]

This song by Sounds of Blackness is the first Kwanzaa song I ever learned and is still my favorite. I...Read More »

April 25, 2012


Julia Roxanne Wallace

Julia Roxanne Wallace

Alexis and I will be featured as one of the top 40 under 40 in  Advocate magazine’s May issue. More to come…

Julia’s Triple Double Birthday – Performance Enhanced

This is my triple double (32) birthday and I am recruiting you, loved ones, to support a year of performance enhancement. Take a minute to read my brief reflection and reflect with me on the past 2 years. Then there is my bday list arranged by price and priority. Feel free to donate an item you have, buy from amazon or somewhere else. You can also become a monthly sustainer by clicking the link below OR make a one time donation by clicking the donate button to the right.

To become a Monthly Sustainer, click here.

Wishlist Items by price range:
$0 – 50
$51 – 150
$151 and up

The tail end of my Saturn Return brought clarity – for my thirtieth birthday I decided and announced that I am a community supported artist and multimedia genius! This is the work God/Spirit has called me to do. Since that birthday I have presented and/or performed for and with my community. My Mom and Dad helped me create a birthday video to usher in 30  and to invite folks to a screening of my films/fundraiser for future work. Family and community sent donations and came from around the country to support. For  my 31st birthday my beloved chosen brother Maurice Cook let us use his loft for a party and surprise boi band performance for Alexis and guests.

Birthday Best performance for Alexis on Julia's 31st bday

This birthday I am reminiscing on the many possessions that I sold, gave away and stored so that I could embark on the Mobile Homecoming project which included: selling my car, huge flat screen & entertainment center, my bed and couch; and giving up having a place to call home. My black lesbian and genderqueer elders have taught me that priorities are important and I don’t have to suffer. I can thrive and do this work! Community members, friends, family and Mobile Homecoming contributors  have shown me that they value the work I do enough to support me and Alexis to do it.

For this birthday I am going to play (laser tag and a slumber party to be exact) and ask for what I need.

You can view the Amazon wishlist and then EITHER:

Wishlist Items by price range:
$0 – 50
$51 – 150
$151 and up

1. purchase online from Amazon.
2. or you can just check out the items on the Amazon wishlist & buy from a store you like
3. or You can make a contribution toward the purchase of an item
4. or You can donate something you find on the Amazon list that you already have
5. or You can send prayers, do rituals or spread the word intending that “Julia has everything necessary to thrive and do passionate work!”

Each section is listed in order of priority

$0 to $50 – http://amzn.com/w/1XI9BQXI9WNOR
1.    CLASS 10 SanDisk SD memory cards -16GB        $44
2.    Camera Remote – Canon – RS-60E3 Remote Switch        $25
3.    Batteries – energizer rechargeable AA, D, AAA         $12 – $20
4.    microphone tripod w/ boom        $25
5.    music stand – heavy duty, folding, black        $25
6.    printer ink (color & black set)        $50
7.    Disk (CD/DVD) Album         $28
8.    home depot gift cards – home depot website or in the store      $25 – $50
9.    Moleskin plain large sketch book (NO lines)        $13
10.    Chalkboard paint – black flat, Brush On        $15

$51 to $150 – http://amzn.com/w/THS5RBSNNALG
1.    Glasses – lenscrafters  via giftcard or donation      $150
2.    harddrive – LaCie Rugged 500 GB – FireWire        $140
3.    Juicer/Extractor        $125
4.    Reflector and Stand  – westcott photo basics 304 kit        $99
5.    plunge router        $100
6.    sound module = keyboard        $140
7.    Rolling Briefcase: PATRIOT from Swiss Gear by Wenger or similar – thick/large capacity, black        $150
8.    Desk or Xtra large desktop (roughly the size of a door – not in amazon wishlist)        $51 – $100

$151 and up – http://amzn.com/w/WMZIBJTMOV1C
1.    LED light – Vidpro Z-96        $169
2.    Projector – 1920×1080, HD        $320
3.    Microphone – shotgun: Audio-Technica AT875R        $190
4.    Microphone – Audio Technica Pro Series Cardioid Condenser Lavalier        $120
5.    Toyota pick up truck or Honda Hatchback Car (not in amazon wishlist)        $1500
6.    compound mitre saw with laser        $250
7.    Canon 7d DSLR Camera body and lens        $1600
8.    HD LCD Computer Monitor – 24 inches+ (hdmi, rgb, dvi)        $200
9.    8-core Mac Pro Desktop computer        $3500

*Saturn Return – for more info. see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saturn_return

Hello All,

I, and hopefully Alexis, am gonna start my Mobile Homecoming Video Blog soon. We have a general MBHC one already – see the Blog button to the left and above in the main menu… To get me in the routine I am gonna start with writing a blog – this one you’re reading now. I wanna stick with 4 questions to prompt each entry, hopefully Alexis will do the same:

  1. What does the Mobile Homecoming feel like today? Agenda?
  2. Where are you now, where did you come from, where are you going?
  3. What are you still overcoming? What have you recently overcome?
  4. Gratitude!

I am struggling to decide how personal (or not) to make this blog. Of course I am led by love and truth by I also wanna use the good since the creator, ancestors and community has given me. Right now I feel like it will just be less work not to censor myself and to be totally candid with things regarding the MBHC and not necessarily my life in general. We’ll see…

October 19th, 2001

So, this is my first real entry in my Mobile Homecoming (MBHC) Blog. I don’t count the one before this because that is more like an introduction. My disclaimer is that I am prolly gonna be poetic and honest; I’ll often type in the lazy tongue I use with myself (e.g. “prolly” instead of probably, etc.); I assume that I am wonderfully and marvelously made (and I know I am right). So, I intend to act like it as much as possible; I do not intend correct grammar or spelling but I do intend that my meaning will be effectively communicative.

Today the Mobile Homecoming feels like the best job or purpose I ever had and the most demanding & rewarding; the least paying  but with the most support – a job I pay to do with my money, time, talent, soul, love and sheer will. I have been working on the Webathon to raise money for the remaining essentials we require. My perfectionism makes this a slow and tedious process. Lorde bless Alexis for her patience. Not to mention it takes a long time to export, compress and upload the tons of videos the we (and especially Alexis) have made so far.

Otherwise… I am implementing the good, better, best method to avoid mistakes we’ve made so far  – release forms, sign-up sheets, things to do for every event or interview, packing list and so on.

I am in Durham after a whirlwind of travel to Detroit, West Virginia (because the RV broke down there), Durham, NYC, West Virginia again (to pick up the repaired RV), Charlotte, Durham and I finally found the strength to postpone and then cancel my 36-hr trip to Atlanta. Today is Tuesday. It’s 11:49pm and Thursday at 6am I head to NYC again for two days & nights before we head on up to Albany for more Mobile Homecoming adventures!

We’ll have to borrow a camera for this trip. It is absolutely necessary that we get a camera. At this point it is way past overdue. I know our community can afford to help us get it. It must just be a matter of us focusing our attention and intention on making it happen. An organization, business or person could sponsor it for $6k. A group of people or entities could sponsor it like 6 at $1k each. On the grassroots tip… if 60 people will donate $100 or if 200 people gave $30 we could totally get it. Tax Deductible contributions can be made by check to our fiscal sponsor SONG with Mobile Homecoming in the memo line.

I thought I would have consistent access to equipment from my school but our schedule is too demanding plus the school is not accountable to us or our community so it is not a sustainable option for such a long project. So, the camera and finding places to stay (since I don’t have a specific home anywhere in particular) at this point are the challenges I am overcoming. Society’s programming still sneaks up on me concerning what I “should” have but I am debugging as fast as I can while maintaining the intention to have a perfect home soon.

Also, trying to be creative about asking people over and over and over again for help is a process that I am gonna have to accept will be with me for a while. People’s love and support amazes me and I am so thankful for it! I am happy that Sojourner is in good shape; we now have a stupendous RV mechanic in Durham and a great one in Beckley, West Virginia too; we have a magic wand portable scanner; Infinity Diamond Club (IDC) of Durham is gonna be an official sponsor; we have a project in the works with AARP around caregiving; and I have gotten to spend alot of time with my adopted queer black grandparents. Love is still abundant as is everything else. I am reminding myself and you to Tap That ‘Bundance!

– – –

Random Pictures of Julia Roxanne Wallace on SNQ

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