Rest and Realness August 2013

Rest and Realness – a space for Queer Black beings to just be



When: Wednesday, August 14 – Monday, August 19


Where: Ellijay, GA in the Blue Ridge Mountains

If you are one of the attendees please fill out the registration form that you should have received from Alexis. Please email us if you do not have the link to the form.


5 Day Retreat <-> Sliding scale $75 – $175

the spots have been filled however

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This journey is for 12 self-identified queer (LGBTQ) black people who value luscious presence, play and liberating truth.

(Allies who share this commitment are welcome to contribute financial or in-kind donations, to spread the word to loved ones in the core constituency, to contribute organizational scholarships and to support their loved ones in being able to attend.  Thank you for your love!)



….What and Why

In 1977 the Combahee River Collective said something profoundly radical.  They said “Black women are inherently valuable.” Yes.  All black people are inherently valuable, which is a complicated statement inside capitalism and inside the United States where the exploited labor of Black people has been and continues to be used to build up structures that devalue Black life.   Rest and Realness is an opportunity to pause and shake out our internalized capitalism, that voice that says we are only as cool as what we do, that we are only as brilliant as a out hustle and to say actually…we are profoundly valuable, inspiring, priceless, worthy, resplendent…even just sitting on the couch chillin, taking a walk or basking in the glow of other black folks at rest.

Defining Rest

By rest we mean engaging loving nurturing activities, plenty of optional sleep, good food and lots of free time in a comfortable space with fresh air and a beautiful view and the loving acceptance and affirmation of our Queer Black chosen family.

Defining Realness

By realness we also assert that this time at rest and this break from “doing” can also be a time of breakthroughs and reflection and conversations where the unspeakable gets spoken and real changes we want to make in our lives emerge.


In 2012 Mobile Homecoming coordinated Queer Black August: Ancestral Presence and Healing Poetics which was a transformative experience for a range of a queer black people of all ages.  As we asked participants what they got out of the experience of Queer Black August, Zachari Curtis (alliterative as always) said “Rest and Realness.” This year we decided that our Mobile Homecoming summer gathering would focus on exactly those values.

We see the Rest and Realness Retreat (a revolutionary alternative to traditional R and R) as a space to practice Rest and Realness as resources for the wellness, growth and resilience of our communities.  Our intention is for participants to go back to their communities with ways of creating rest and realness in their daily lives and with their beloved communities.


…..When and Where

Five days and four nights in the North Georgia Blue Ridge Mountains in a space designed for Queer black beings to access brilliance in safe space by being present, open and free.

When: Wednesday, August 14, 2013 – Monday, August 19, 2013 1pm
: Ellijay, GA in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Transportation: *Folks who want to caravan together should coordinate with other participants in their area.

Meet in Elijay at XXX Location TBD and follow us to the house:
–  Wed
. August 14th at  12 pm
–  Friday
August 16th at 3 pm

We will be there Wednesday – Monday but we recognize that not everyone can make it up on the first day. We are proposing that since there are only 12 spots that the latest folks should arrive is Friday afternoon. This way we can maximize our time together. The times below are suggestions and we intend to coordinate together to see what works best.


Register using the paypal button below or email to make other arrangements.

5 Day Retreat <-> Sliding scale $75 – $175

the spots have been filled however

email to get on the waiting list