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Thank you Natanya Duncan for being the first Sojourner Resurrect Donor

This spring we are launching a campaign that will allow us to restore sojourner and fully realize our vision of a radically sustainable revolutionary vehicle. Sojourner took us safely across the country and back and sacrificed her engine and then some in the process.

What is a Revolutionary Vehicle:

For us the “R” in RV stands for Revolutionary, for Resource, for Road-less-traveled, for Respect, for Re-imagining, for Reality.  Thinking about what an RV could have meant for our ancestors and for some of our contemporaries who are running for their lives makes us accountable.  We want our journey to be healing for us, and to provide a healing example for others about what movement can mean, where love can live, how home can survive.”
-From the original Mobile Homecoming “Revolutionary Vehicle Statement”

What does resurrection mean for Sojourner?

Sojourner in Albuquerque, New MexicoSojourner the Revolutionary Vehicle took Julia and Alexis coast to coast, up the mountains of West Virgina and through desert, cow country and beach communities to visit, honor and interview Black Feminist  LGBTQ visionaries.   She gave us light siphoned from kitchen outlets, kept us mostly dry in rainy RV parks, and only ran out of gas a couple of times.   Hot, heavy and full of love after our cross country journey back from California, Sojourner’s engine started overheating.  Our mechanic said that the oil and coolant are mixing, which means several gaskets, the water pump and some other crucial elements of the engine are broken.  The cost to restore Sojourner’s gas engine to its original form is more than the cost of a new RV.

Because we are witness to the fact that LGBTQ visionaries honor more than one lifetime…Because we have seen our elders transform their lives and practices and love themselves and each other more every year…Because we want our project
So because we love Sojourner, and we have always dreamed of an environmentally sustainable retrofitted revolutionary vehicle we are unleashing the Sojourner Resurrect Plan.   Our primary adjustment will be installing a new veggie-fueled engine and our secondary adjustments will be installing solar electrical panels and a composting toilet.

The Details

Veggie Fuel Engine

Bio-Diesel Engine for SojournerSojourner travels to freedom for lifetimes upon lifetimes!  Sojourner has already taken us across and up and down the United States and we hope she will take us throughout North America in her next life.   On principle we do not agree with the gas economy that is negatively impacting the level of fossil fuels on the planet and a violent scarcity-based foreign policy model.  We want to reuse vegetable oil and grease our way to your town.  The process includes replacing our broken gas engine with a diesel engine like this one (optimized for biodiesel)

Veggie filtration systemand then adding a filtration system that would allow it to run on vegetable oil

Solar Panel Electric Kit

Solar PanelsThe electricity in the RV powers multiple computers, a printer, charges batteries and will ultimately also power the screening materials for the community based screenings.   We are committed to using alternative energy to power the media making and media sharing materials that we use.   Lighting up our community is our form of photosynthetic poetics!

Composting Toilet

Composting (waterless) ToiletA self contained toilet on the road is a luxury in the age of gender binary bathrooms.  As Sojourner becomes a touring vehicle for our ongoing screenings and educational programming, a safe gender free bathroom on the road will be not only a haven but an example.  We will be thrilled for this self contained toilet to be composting and environmentally sustainable.  We always knew the guts of queer folks would grow the future we deserve!

Leaks, Comfort & Aesthetic

To finish it all off we will 1) fix the spots that allow the roof to leak on us when we’re sleeping and  replace the wood that has rotted because of the leaks; 2) a lil body work like replacing the side view mirror currently attached via duct tape; 3) replace the 24 year old carpet; 4) steam the quarter century old upholstered seats; 5) service the heat and air conditioner; 6) Get the radio to stop cutting off and on when you use the turn signal; and 7) paint Sojourner so organizations can feel proud to see their mark on a spiffy paint job.

Imagine purple and turquoise designs on a resurrected Sojourner something like this!A vision of a future Sojourner but with purple and turquoise swag