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Here you will find the schedule and updates including logistics and our ongoing documentation.

Getting from SXM St. Martin Airport to Anguilla

(Remember take your non-drowsy Dramamine when you land.)
This is the Taxi stand

This is the Taxi stand

When you get off the plane you will go through customs in St. Martin. Then get your bags from baggage claim. If you need something there are stores in the ST. Martin Airport.

To get to Anguilla from SXM Airport walk out to Taxi stand and get a ride to Marigot (MareeGo) to catch the Ferry. The Taxi will be $20-$25 (we paid $25 on Monday the 12th). Everythnig is kinda easy to figure out from there but here is more info.
The first window you go to is where you will put your name on the ship manifest. Then the next window is where you will pay the tax. It’s best to pay CASH – $5/person for tax and $20/person for the ferry. I’m not sure if they take any other form of payment. If you do not have cash someone can direct you to an ATM.
You will probably pay for the ferry ON the boat. Then when you reach Anguilla you will go through customs again which .
See below for more pictures of the process.
If you can call or text before you get on the boat(404-514-6780), we’ll scoop you up from the ferry in Anguilla. If you can’t call or text and you don’t have phone access call Rendezvous Bay Hotel locally when you get here at 1-264-584-6501.


Marigot Ferry from a block away


First Window / First Stop

1st Window: Get on Ship Manifest

2nd Window / Tax

2nd Window: Tax $5 each










Big Blue door to board
Big Blue door to wait to board





  • Getting to Anguilla
  • Preparing for the week long collective commitment ceremony



(12) Getting to Anguilla felt like a long journey because we moved a week before we were to get on the plane to go to the ceremony. Packing and unpacking and repacking was a whirlwind for us. The night before the flight I sent Alexis to bed (for about 2 hours) and I stayed up all night and packed us. This is our journey through the airports.

My turn to sleep

Julia’s turn to sleep

Lexi’s turn to sleep












We spent the first couple of days planning and resting with family that live on the island. Then on the 16th the rest of the our crew began to arrive.

(16th) Arrivals Began with our beloved Priscilla and Rose from Austin. Then after that a van load including both our mother’s, Alexis’s Grandmother, her siblings, Aunt & Uncle and the youngest of us all, the newest of us all, Alexis’s niece. We said, “Welcome Home!” as everyone came out of customs.










First visit to Anguilla

First visit to Anguilla

Rose and Priscilla had a prearranged ride. Alexis and I picked everybody else and their luggage up with the help of Aunt Una. So, three cars all together plus the one taxi.




Siblings & Niblings


Then we all had dinner together at the Place. We welcomed everyone. Stated the occasion. Chanted together one of Alexis and my declarations Gratitude Brings the Family Home.