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Grow Infinite: A Collective Commitment Ceremony


Flourish in the Glow: We Commit to Grow

Ceremony Details & Documentation

Poetic Description

Out of darkness comes light. We honor the depth of your love and the ways you light up our lives. We invite you to participate in a special ceremony this year during the winter solstice to honor our commitment to evolution for ourselves, each other, and our family.

This will be an opportunity for deep reflection, transformative inspiration, soul-level renewal and an opportunity to celebrate the light of love. Come prepared to go within, to be together to grow and to GLOW!

This is the song Julia (Sangodare) composed over the course of a few years in order to propose to Alexis. We will share the videos from the Growth Proposal in the next couple of weeks.
Listen to the song by clicking the play button below
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December 16th – December 23

We will also be having a ceremony stateside between May 5th and May 14th, 2017 in Durham, NC.
Details coming soon.



Anguilla, West Indies (you must have a passport)
The main events will take place on Rendezvous Bay
at Rendezvous Bay Hotel



Anguilla is a beautiful and wonderful place to visit. We are excited to see you and yours; and understand that you may choose to travel to Anguilla with friends and family. However, the guest list for the actual ceremonies and rituals is invitation only. The retreat, rituals and ceremonies in May 2017 will be able to accommodate our much beloved broader family, friends and community. We encourage you to collaborate on accommodations by sharing rooms with other guests that you know (see accommodations).

by Sokari

Alexis & Julia at Rendezvous Bay outside The Place Restaurant



Rendezvous Bay Hotel
rooms start at $175
Contact: Lisa Gumbs Email:

Lisa added a password protected page on the website.
Go to:
Click onto EVENTS and you will see the link to your event.

password is:  growaxa     (all lowercase)


The Great House
(near Rendezvous Bay)
rooms start at $150


 We encourage you to share a room if you know someone that is coming. This will certainly cut costs and allow more people to stay closest to the Rendezvous Bay Hotel where the ceremonies and activities will be.

Photo by Sokare Ekine

Julia and Alexis at Pop Pop and Grandma’s grave site


For more information:

Alexis – 919-827-2702