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Jewelle Gomez.

Heal Our Ancestors

Alycee J. Lane

Mobile Homecoming Moments: Everyday

Ed Swan - entrepreneur, owner of African American Dollar Store, Champion of positive images of Black people. [:41]

Healing Circle in Atlanta

The beautiful people of Atlanta gathered at MotherHouse for a beautiful New Year's day healing circle...brought to you by the MobileHomeComing, here is what folks had to say during the afterglow. :) [13:47]

Kalimah Loves Detroit

Kalimah, the first female Detroit MC on wax, spits on her love for Detroit! [3:18]

A. Lorde Collective in Detroit

Dr. Kofi Adoma talks about the A. Lorde Collective and the LGBT community in Detroit. [3:47]

Mamas for the Mobile Homecoming

Alexis's mom Pauline talks about what the Mobile Homecoming means to her. [2:05]

RV Search

Check out our first trip to look at RVs. We didn't get much help from the salesmen but we learned alot and became even more excited about the journey. [11:41]

I Got the Mobile Homecoming Feeling

We were giddy with excitement about the first leg of the MBHC journey to Detroit. So, we decided to share the joy!