It is time to make our way home. (June Jordan)

img_6642Last night I had prayer meetin in the living room with a beloved queer masculine of center friend while Alexis facilitated a webinar in the next room. We are here y’all and the labor of love has already begun.

We just moved in! We created living room amidst the boxes and disarray but get ready because by the time you get here it will be pristine. This house is beautiful and owned by beloved black queer folks with qpoc family down the block in both directions.

We are gonna start with smaller gatherings (choir practice, writing filmmaking & building workshops, ceremony, meals, etc.) in January and then small 1-4 people retreats by March. But by the summer we plan to be ready to host more. For more information on how we are building a Retreat Center one living room and one tiny house at a time, check out